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21 Days to Get Rid of Your Bad Habits?

You may ask why 21 days to change a habit? Why not 10 or 66 or 300 days? Why exactly 21 days?
Well, 21 Days is quite a myth. Recent researches have found that a we can acquire a new habit in a span time from 18 days till 254 days.

The brain is just a tool if you use it wisely it’s play smart if not it play dumb.

What are habits?

how we acquire the habits?

Why are they so difficult to change?

The thing is the old habits run by itself the brain consumes a little energy to run this old habits acquire new habits means for the brain consuming more energy more time more work to fire and lay new neurones, that’s why the most of us are stuck with old habits with traditions with all things from the past that we are carry with us and we cannot change. Changing the old for the new makes our mind and our brain very uncomfortable. But there is still a good news, is a continuous changing and we cannot stop it we have to adapt to it if you want to drive and survive.

How long it takes to instill a new habit?

Well that’s depend on you it can take from 18 day till let’s say 254 days. But if you plan to change your habit and you think all my God I have to make it 254 days along it’s quite a chunk it’s it’s hard to succeed, that’s why I think that the 21 days habit to change myth can still work, 21 days at a time. And if you kept it then you have it for 21 days I am sure you can do it another 21 days and if it’s necessary another 21 days, until the new habit is established and runs for itself.