Someone asked me these days a great question: “Hey, Diana, tell me, what do you do to strengthen your spirit?” What a great question, thank you, Julia! So, where could it be a place to strengthen my spirit?

This made me think deeper and synthesise how do I do this, actually, strengthening my spirit.
It is not necessary a panacea, however, whenever I encounter a problem, I always go back to nature. Specially, I go in the forest nearby to disconnect from persons, events, annoying thoughts and the emotions they produce.

Well, it doesn’t happen every time right away. It can be that I need to work a bit on these feelings, emotions, thoughts, communication struggles or stuckness, to understand how and why am I bring them to life. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to work through the problem that weakens me and my spirit. Nevertheless, often this process ends with an understanding, with an answer.

The forest, with its peaceful existence, the smell of moist earth, leaves, mushrooms, filtered light, birds chirping, creates that magical atmosphere that helps me in this process.

By integrating this with the practice of meditation, self-reflection, and self-hypnosis, I get the peace and clarity of mind and soul I need to work on solutions or get the strength to let go of the problems and worries.

And in nature, in the forest, I can tell you, I find everything I need in this regard. This way, I strengthen my spirit, and at the same time, I find inspiration and enhance my creativity.

This is MY method.

Of course, everyone is different, and each of us has various ways to get the peace of mind and soul, like praying, music listening, painting, being with friends, or, why not, attending a wild party, or anything else that helps you to work on thoughts and emotions.

There is a way for everyone!

See what works best for you and use it. 
Your life will be much easier, enjoyable, fulfilling. 

Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio / Unsplash
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