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Diana Todorut is a naturopath, hypnotherapist, and certified ICF-ACC coach with a passion for neuropsychology and the sciences. She guides individuals to health and empowerment through a holistic approach, addressing chronic stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, burnout, and more. Using hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and coaching, Diana offers personalized support to restore health and emotional balance. Based near Munich, she provides services in English, German, and Romanian, fostering a safe space for transformation and growth.

Be Yourself

You Don’t Need A Mask – Be Yourself

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You Don’t Need A Mask – Be Yourself Each of us has developed different behaviours and personalities over time and under the influence of the environment (family, friends, school, society, media). Adjusting our behaviour to the circumstance enables us to better deal with various situations. Or perhaps we just feel that we protect ourselves better this way.