About twenty-five years ago, I went to the cinema for the Matrix premiere. I really like sci-fi and the mind-bending movies.
I came out of this movie terrified that such a gloomy reality could be true.

Us to be mere slaves of our lives? Us to be just energy generators through our emotions and feelings for some machines?
Yes, I was horrified! I said it would have been the hell if such a world existed!
After a while, when I dived much deeper into the secrets of the human mind, I realised it really exists.
We are in the Matrix.

Of course, the film is an allegory, but quite an accurate one of the reality we are in.

We are constantly running after the next sensation, achievement, acquisition, next love, next, next … never being satisfied with what we already have. Because our friends, neighbours, parents, and society push us to want more, bigger, better, more fun and distractions, more of everything.
Guess what, reaching only to the outside, you’ll never be satisfied or happy. Your soul will starve to death.
You will be like the donkey that wants to get the carrot held in front of its nose to keep it moving.

But my development began a little later with … Dan Brown and his Da Vinci Code.
Yes Yes! Please relax. No need to laugh. 

Did a thriller about a conspiracy change your life?!!! You may ask.

Well, it was merely the trigger that set my life for a change, the sparkle that fired up my curiosity, forgotten for a while.

As I read the book, I checked every new piece of information I came across. I couldn’t believe that I had now discovered information and things that had been around for centuries.
I learned about the possible hidden clues of Da Vinci and the fact that Jesus could have been married. The scriptures are not really that holy, being a collection of scriptures chosen by a group of “holy fathers” to sheep the flocks according to the interests of that time.
Almost 2000 years later, do we hold those writings still as the ultimate truth?!
It depends. Literally, they make little sense, but metaphorically …

I read the Apocryphal Gospels and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and I discovered an earthly Jesus who still spocken great truths.
I went through the mysteries of Egyptians and Mithra. I discovered naturopathy, Alchemy, and the writings of Paracelsus. And I never stopped deciphering the mysteries of the cosmos, relativity and quantum mechanics – a really mind-bending thing.
Hypnosis and Psychology were the next steps on my path. I wanted to understand why we, the humans, are as we are and what makes us who we are.


Then, it was the first time I realised our reality is quite unreal, that we go through the life convinced that we know this world. But we don’t. The life we see is a creation, a reflection of our minds.
I understand that the allegory in the Matrix reflects our world in a fairly realistic way. We spend our lives consuming and dedicating our energy to myriads of mimes, believing that we do things for our Self. In fact, we just feed an illusion of ourselves.

I’m now settled down in coaching.

I know, I know.
Coaches now appear like mushrooms after rain.
Let’s say I am not a coach. I am just a facilitator for one’s becoming.
Why? Because I know how it functions, right?
And honestly, with that, coaching or facilitation, I’m not looking to make 10 K per month, not even 5. I don’t need that money to be “rich”, meaning happy. I don’t even want to change the world. I just want to spread the message.

It takes so little to be happy, that is, to look inside and see who we truly are, without masks, without hypocrisy, and without pretending.
Happiness is right here, in my heart and in your heart.
All you have to do is open up, see, feel, and realise.

And thank you, Mr Brown, for giving me the incentive to pursue the path of discovering myself and the (non)meaning of life.
Thank you, my dears, Cosmin and Patric, for supporting me in this quest and being my sounding board along.
Thank you, Mom, for giving me the chance to live, be curious, and have these experiences.

These are the most precious gifts I could ever have.
I am immense and profoundly grateful for my life.

Title Photo: commons wikipedia

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