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4 Strong Strategies to Boost Self-Confidence

From Self-Doubt to Success 4 Strong Strategies to Boost Self-Confidence 24.05.2023 Author: Diana TodorutPhoto: open library on Canva   Self-confidence is a more actual topic now than ever.  So let’s explore— 4 strong strategies to boost self-confidence. Why? Because self-confidence, that confidence in your strengths and capabilities, is necessary when you want to fulfil your dreams and aspirations. And I know this very well. There was a time when…

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Do You Feel Stuck, Blocked, Angry?

Stucked. Blocked. Angry? You fail to take action because of your fears.Fear of being refused, rejected, judged, unappreciated, or fear because you feel unsure, not competent, skilled, fast, intelligent or beautiful enough.What is enough, anyway? And then you are stuck. You know, life is full of uncertainties, right?There is always a possibility that things are not going as you wish. Challenges come to you, and you…

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