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3 Ways to Disempower Your Saboteurs- Part 1

Who are the saboteurs?  They are parts of you, developed at an early age to help you get over some situations that were not in your control to change or manage. These times are long gone, but your saboteurs that initially had the helper role become what they are now: SABOTEURS.They are now inner obstacles that hinder you in many ways. They are the voices in your…

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Why the New Year resolutions always fail?

? Why are the New Year resolutions, or any other, doomed to failure? You decide to change something about yourself. Let’s call it a habit. A habit is like a program stored in the brain (subconsciously) and runs automatically. Contrary to the conscious mind, for which time is concrete, the subconscious does not know the time. It does not see the future and the past….

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Looking For Eternal Happiness

The pursuit of happiness. I was often asking myself, what is happiness and why everyone is pursuing it?Of course, if you ask people this question, you will receive a broad palette of definitions about what happiness is. But happiness is a generic term.For some people, it means being healthy. For others to have family, live in peace, be loved, have a good job, house, friends,…

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