Cracking the mindset

28 February 2022 Online Zoom 18:00 CET

Could what you believe about yourself impact your success or failure?

Join this interactive, experiential 90 minutes workshop and you will learn how to use some powerful tools you with which you can challenge your mind and thoughts whenever you need it.

workshop agenda

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Join the workshop
and make the first step to your successful life

Diana's story

As a professional heartset & mindset coach, therapist and wonderer of this amazing world, I gathered in my toolbox numerous powerful instruments that can be used successfully to change the unhelpful thinking patterns.
It is so amazing to see how much difference the work with the mind can do. I learned this tools first for self use, to improve my personal and professional life. I am convinsed about their efficassy so that I cannot stop thinking about sharing what I learned with more people and help them change their unhelpful thinking patterns, which will allow them to create a better, successful and happy life.

Diana todorut

Coach, therapist, trainer.

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