Stucked. Blocked. Angry?

You fail to take action because of your fears.
Fear of being refused, rejected, judged, unappreciated, or fear because you feel unsure, not competent, skilled, fast, intelligent or beautiful enough.
What is enough, anyway?

And then you are stuck.

You know, life is full of uncertainties, right?
There is always a possibility that things are not going as you wish. Challenges come to you, and you deal with them or avoid them by remaining in your comfort zone. And it’s pretty comfy in there.
However, you don’t like it, and you are not happy with it.

I know there is a thought running annoyingly in your head that tells you that you can change, you can be happy, you can encounter every day with joy and optimism.

Still, you keep telling yourself you are not prepared for the change, at least not yet, maybe next season, next year, whatever, but not now.

You used be courageous. You used to have an adventurous spirit. Where are they now? Dormant.

How would look your life in 3-5-10 years from now, if you change nothing if you continue avoiding challenges, dismissing the opportunity of refusal or failing?

You stay stuck forever, not able to improve, learn, grow. Without allowing yourself to be wrong, make mistakes, or fail, you will never succeed.

So, this is not a choice, being stuck and doing nothing.
I know you understand this; avoiding the things you could fail at, you are not avoiding failure. No. No.

You only fail to learn, take opportunities, and grow.

Now it’s time to act, even if you feel uncertain, not skilled enough, prepared enough, even if you are fearful. I know you can!

Be courageous, and JUST DO IT!
What could be the worst thing it could happen?

You can be successful, or you can fail, but you will always have gain. In the process of failing, you gather experience and knowledge about what worked and what didn’t. You learn in the process, you try other ways, and you improve continuously.

Then, what is fail, in fact? 

To fail in action, or to fail to take action? 
I know you know the answer.😉

There is a powerful technique used in NLP. Reframing. You take your negative thought or fear, and you transform it into the opposite.

“Ohhh, but they could refuse me…”, or “Maybe I will fail” becomes “What if they accept me …” and “What if I succeed?”.

What will be different?
Where is the fear now?

PhotoCredit: Dylan Hunter / Unsplash
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