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Decide to be happy

the only decision you'll never regreT

I help people move from being stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled in their lives to developing new perspectives and healthy thoughts and creating their own happiness, learning to connect with their inner self and make the heart and mind a whole.

happiness and fulfilment

is what you want

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“I really believe we can create a world where everyone can be happy and live with passion, authenticity and heart-centred, aligned with their values, visions and dreams.”

My clients are intelligent and awesome people who are in a moment when they realise that HAVING and BEING are two different things.
Despite having good things in their lives, such as career, money or status, they are NOT happy and fulfilled.
At all.
These amazing people feel disconnected, frustrated and stuck in something that does not resonate with them.
Feeling empty and pointless, they ask themselves: "For what?".
Somewhere along the way, they lost their North Star.
The only strategy they have is to keep themselves overly busy simply to forget what they are missing.
However, the questions "for what?" and "is that all?" are quite persistent.

happiness is a choice
And a way of being

problems my clients face

Hi, I'm Diana Todorut,
certificated professional coach

You have already taken the first step by understanding you need to change something in your life.
Let me help you the rest of the way.

My journey began when life created some challenges that pushed me to change and transform. This forced me to leave my comfort zone, accept the challenges and face my unhappiness, frustration and failure.
And that changed everything. I have discovered that happiness is not an unattainable ideal. On the contrary, it is accessible and available to everyone. Because happiness is in us. And being happy is a personal decision. This inspired me to become a messenger and an implementer of happiness.
I have more than seven years of experience in natural medicine and health counselling. Since 2021 I have been working exclusively as a certified professional life coach.
Let’s work together and discover what happiness and fulfilment are for you and how you can make them manifest in your life. MORE ABOUT ME

"My mission is to make people realise that happiness is available and accessible to everyone. We just need to open our hearts and allow happiness to manifest."​
Diana Todorut
Happiness Coach
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key steps toward happiness

Step 1:

Knowing each other

We will meet for an informative meeting to get to know each other, understand your present situation and create the context for approaching the change you need.

Step 2:

Coming up with a plan

Together we design a plan for the next six months, with a clear vision for what will help you best to discover and learn how to bring more happiness into your life.

Step 3:

Starting the process

We set up goals and schedule weekly session, working committed toward your change and transformation, so you can create a happy life.

Step 4:

Road to happiness

We see consistent results if you show commitment and accountability for the work with yourself between the sessions and allow the change to manifest in you. You have my complete dedication and support along the process. Your happiness is my happiness.

what results you can expect

You will develop new perspectives and healthy thoughts, rediscover your inner self, and raise awareness. You will connect with your heart, learning how to make the mind and heart one.
During the program, I will guide and help you redefine your values, gain clarity, focus and direction in life, and develop the individual roadmap to advance in creating a happy, more authentic and fulfilling life.
Afterwards, you will know how to manage your own happiness, whatever the circumstances.
This will inspire and encourage you to take actions that ultimately create abundance and fulfilment in your life.
You will be able to enjoy happiness whatever the circumstances.

Happy or upset?

Happiness has nothing to do with money, success, relationships or even health. Because, you know, happiness is a choice.
It's about the mental setup, beliefs and actions and how they relate to your values, visions and dreams.
Where you are now and where you want to go? Are you ready to give happiness a change?
If you think life is short and you want to be happy NOW, let's connect and see how can I help you.

Clients share their success

"I waited so long to get myself a good coach - both personally and professionally, working with Diana has made a crucial difference."

“Diana patiently helped me become self-confident, find solutions, and take the necessary steps to achieve the aimed goal."

"With Diana I developed a goal that was so much more inspiring to me than I would have created on my own. She inspired me to think big, to step into who I really am and what I am here for."

"Diana is doing such a great job navigating through uncertainty, unclarity and helping you feel comfortable with it. She bring so much value to your life by helping you create the positive, long-lasting change you wish to see. “

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