The art of being present

Being present physically or mentally are two different things, right? 

You are always aware when you are physically present, but physical presence does not require mental presence as well. Quite often, while we are physically present, our mind is just wandering in some other places or times. 

So, what means to be present mentally?

It means to be entirely there with your mind and thoughts, focusing exclusively on what you are doing, becoming one with your action and the product of your action.

Everything else disappears.

You are in the zone, in the flow-state.

This is mono-tasking.

When you eat, you just eat and become one with the process of eating and your food. When you write, you just write, no talking, no answering the phone. You become one with the process of writing and with what you write. 

What do you get when you are present?

Being present helps your mind calm down, bring order in your thoughts, and laser-focus on your activity. You become more effective, productive with results of a higher quality.

More, the perception of time changes, sometimes you perceive it shorter, sometimes longer.

Wellbeing hormones are released, you feel excited, thrilled, happy with what you are doing, totally satisfied.

Becoming one with your action and the product of your action.

Being present is the art of being in here and now.

However, being in here and now doesn’t mean you ignore the past and the future. 

The past is the place of our learnings, not the place of mourning and regrets. It is the place from which we acquire understanding and wisdom.

The future is where we throw our anchor, set the goals, have a vision, dream, and get ideas, but then, we come back in here and now and work toward creating those things.

And by this, the past and the future are melting in the present moment.

To be present is also an essential competency in coaching. It is the ability to be there for your coaching client, perceiving them as a whole, listening to them, not only to what they say but especially to what they don’t say. 

The client is like an energy bundle that produces ripples in the time-space continuum, and you skilfully catch these ripples and their meaning. 

You become one with the coaching process and with your coaching client.

So, how do you learn to be present?

  • Take your time and observe the things and situations around you in detail.
  • When in the presence of other people, connect at a deeper level.
  • Intensely focus on what you are doing.
  • Don’t be ashamed to wonder.
  • Meditate, contemplate, reflect on things.

Are you present in your life? How does it feel?


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