I’ve been thinking and oscillating for the last three months between finding a niche and going further with no niche, unfortunately, with no decisive conclusion.
But do you remember my last week’s exercise when I looked at the world upside-down? I got inspired.
And turning my head again up, I dared a question:
“How would it be like not only to look at the world upside down but also do some things upside down, namely to go against the current?”

It’s like a mantra lately on my social media feeds: “You can’t be successful as a coach if you don’t define a precise niche”. Who says that?
Of course, the specialists who are, on the other hand, very successful with their businesses too.

However, what can happen if you have no niche. Well, I don’t think it is such a bad thing if my dearest client is not a professional, businessman or businesswoman, a leader, an executive, or any other defined group of people who… have some punctual and very particular need.

What if the client is just you?

You know, it’s not that I cannot find a niche. Actually, I have a few in my mind. But how would you feel if I niche you down or if I put you in a box? I can force you to fit in there, looking only at parts or pieces of you and not at your whole being.

I know, I know. “They” say it will not work, that it’s crazy, and I will not have success, others tried it already, and they failed. But there is no panacea. What works for many may not work for some, and what works for some may not work for many.

Thus, I decided to go this way. To go with no niche.

I didn’t come to this decision not knowing or not understanding the concept behind niching. I understand it perfectly. I know how and why it could work, but it wouldn’t work for me. Definitely not now!

With this, I also resolved the conflict between reason, which constantly pushed me to go with the current because it is smoother and safer, and intuition that is wild, courageous and just knows/feels what’s right and wrong.

These days, the elonmuskeness*, namely originality, courage, determination and capability to think out of the box, are unique assets.
And the experience showed us that only those who dare to do things differently, be a non-conformist, and come out of the box will have authentic success, with money being just a means to … and not a goal in itself.

Let’s resume. I go the path with a heart, following my inner values; authenticity, honesty and genuine desire to make a difference in the world. I have now the inner peace of the one who knows they made the best choice.  

And if you ask me if I am scared? Yes! Scared like hell! But you know, I like it! It gives me the thrill and excitement I need to build on.
And if you are curious about the outcome, either success or failure, or learnings, I can keep you up-to-date.

*a dear friend suggested to me I could transform elonmuskness into dianelosness. Work in progress …