🤨 Why are the New Year resolutions, or any other, doomed to failure?

You decide to change something about yourself. Let’s call it a habit. A habit is like a program stored in the brain (subconsciously) and runs automatically.
Contrary to the conscious mind, for which time is concrete, the subconscious does not know the time. It does not see the future and the past. For the subconscious, time is a continuum. It only understands “now”.
But habits are deeply ingrained in the subconscious and are hard to reach by the conscious mind (for that, you need willpower and motivation, I talk about below).
By intending something for the future, it remains invisible to the subconscious. It is a contradiction of positioning in time. From the subconscious point of view, what does not begin now never begins.
The plan is in your conscious mind, the action in the subconscious.
Guess who wins? 🧐

So the only way to change and transform yourself is to start … NOW. 🤩

You decide now. You need to act now.
You want to quit smoking. Do it now!
You want to eat healthier. Get started now!
Whatever you decide to do, start NOW!
It is not a sufficient condition, but it is necessary.
Another key thing is “I want” vs “I must”.
😒 I must/have to lose weight.
😒 I must/have to quit smoking.
As long as you think, “I must/have to change”, you feel pressure from outside. This unconsciously creates an internal resistance, which sabotages your decision to change.
I want 💪, however, comes from within, from your personal desire and will to change.
And the craft is to find the right motivation that drives you to change.

So why start on Monday, next month or after the New Year?

Why not right now? Every little thing you start NOW is more precious and powerful than any other intention projected in the future.
And don’t forget, you get the most significant success when you really and deeply want to change.
I used to plan for change. But my plans remained there in the future. And I always waited for the right time for changing.
Now I do things differently. When I decide/want to change, I start NOW. 💪⚡️
Do you want to make a change? Do it NOW! 💪⚡️
𝗪 𝗵 𝗮 𝘁 𝘀 𝘁 𝗼 𝗽 𝘀 𝘆 𝗼 𝘂 ?
Enjoy this great day! ❤️

Photo Credit: Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

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