Diana Todorut, M.Sc., ACC

Building Self-Confidence
for a Successful
and Fulfilling Life

Do you yearn to reach your goals and ambitions, would you like to take on new challenges,
but are held back by self-doubt and fear? It’s time to say adieu to those limitations and unlock your true potential. 

How I Can Help You

As a dedicated coach, my mission is to empower and support aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging leaders who are held back from achieving their goals due to self-doubt and anxiety. Through personalized coaching services, I help individuals develop unwavering self-confidence, overcome limiting beliefs, and unlock their full potential for success.


Many aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging leaders are hindered by limiting beliefs that hold them back. Through coaching, I help individuals identify and challenge these beliefs, replacing them with empowering thoughts and mindset shifts.


Self-awareness is key to personal growth and success. I help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, values, and areas for improvement, fostering a solid foundation for self-confidence and effective leadership.

Goal setting and action planning

I work closely with clients to set meaningful goals and create actionable plans to achieve them. Through accountability and support, I assist individuals in staying focused, motivated, and confident throughout their entrepreneurial and leadership journeys.

Effective communication

Effective communication is vital for entrepreneurs and leaders. I provide guidance and techniques to enhance communication skills, including active listening, persuasive speaking, and assertiveness, empowering individuals to make a lasting impact.

Stress management and resilience

Entrepreneurship and leadership roles often come with high levels of stress. I teach practical strategies and techniques to manage stress, build resilience, and maintain mental well-being, ensuring individuals can navigate challenges with confidence.

Cultivating a growth mindset

I help clients cultivate a growth mindset, embracing challenges, learning from failures, and embracing continuous growth and improvement. This mindset shift enables individuals to tackle obstacles with confidence and adaptability.

Through a personalised coaching program, you will gain self-assurance and the mindset necessary to thrive as entrepreneur and emerging leader. Together, we will unlock your potential, overcome self-doubt, and achieve remarkable success, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

What Results
Can You Attain?

  • Unshakable Confidence in Yourself
  • Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Effective Decision-Making
  • Improved Personal and Professional Communication
  • Fulfilling Relationships
  • Reduced Stress and Well-being

There are endless possibilities that await us when we prioritize building self-confidence. By cultivating a strong belief in ourselves, we empower our ability to overcome challenges and flourish. Clarity acts as our guiding compass, illuminating the way to making impactful decisions aligned with our values and dreams. As we enhance our personal and professional communication skills, we nurture profound connections and foster healthier relationships. By embracing self-care and seeking balance, we effectively reduce stress, paving the way for a more harmonious and fulfilling life. When we launch ourselves in this transformative journey, we tackle the opportunity of unlocking our true potential and creating a lasting positive change. Discover unparalleled value in this patek philippe calatrava replica. Precision, elegance, and affordability harmoniously coalesce in this remarkable timepiece.

I'm Diana Todorut,
and it's a pleasure to welcome you here!

I help aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to build their self-confidence and thrive.

Life has taught me this invaluable lesson: self-confidence is within everyone’s reach. It originates from within us, and ultimately, it’s a choice. This realisation has fueled my passion to become a catalyst and guide for self-confidence.

Building upon my diverse background as an engineer and natural medicine and health counselor, I have cultivated a heightened sense of perception and wisdom. Recognising the immense value of sharing this with others, I made the transition to become an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) committed to empowering individuals.

Let’s see how we can work together to enhance your self-confidence and empower you to achieve fulfilment in your desired life areas.

Years of
"My coaching style is adaptive and holistic. To get the best out of our time together, I also use techniques from Hypnosis, Meditation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and NLP."

My Services

1:1 Online Program

After a successful discovery session, our collaboration begins with an empowering 
6 Sessions Package designed to ignite positive change in your life and create the perfect space for transformation to unfold at both emotional and tangible levels.

Rest assured, you will receive exceptional value at a fair and transparent rate.

Online Group Program

Elevate your self-confidence in our 9-week group coaching program. Discover newfound belief and unleash your true potential in a supportive environment with expert guidance. Don’t miss out on this empowering opportunity. 

Learn more about next cohort here.

Online Courses

Experience a powerful transformation with Confidence Catalyst, our groundbreaking online self-paced course for boosting self-confidence. Benefit from expert guidance, empowering strategies, and a supportive community. 

Seize this life-changing opportunity and enrol in Confidence Catalyst today to unlock your limitless confidence.

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Focus on Mind and Soul

Are you experiencing sleep disturbances, feeling overwhelmed, or facing bouts of depression or anxiety? Do you find yourself stressed and exhausted? At GanzVital – Practice for Mind and Soulin Grafing b. Munich, I offer you comprehensive support aimed at enhancing your health and well-being on all levels—but especially on mentally and emotionally ones. My goal is to guide you towards inner balance and holistic health.

Customers reviews

What clients say

Dianas role has been pivotal in my endeavor to achieve sustainable transformation. Thanks to Diana I now feel more fulfilled, more aware of how I can live by my values and Im able to make better decisions that balance mind, heart and intuition. I believe Diana is a great coach and I appreciate having met her. Shes one of those few people who fill up my positive energy tank, fiercely believe in me and make me feel special and capable of breaking any limit and becoming whoever I wish to become.
Elena Soare
Talent Business Partner
I’ve had coaching sessions from Diana and in a really short time I have been able to overcome stuckness and negative beliefs that have held me back for years. I would recommend this to everyone. I waited too long to get myself a good coach - both personally and professionally, working with Diana has made a crucial difference.I would recommend this to everyone!
Claire Ivey
Owner Wild Ivey
Since I have started working with Diana, I noticed accelerated personal and career growth. I have moved massively forward with my goals. I actually increased my sales for more then 30 % in just few months. Having coaching sessions with this great coach is a life-changing experience. I am grateful. Thank you.
Matej Mihelic
Physical Trainer and Life Coach
I came to Diana with a big decision to make. She held space for me over the weeks, guided me to dig deep into the reasons behind my dilemma. After working with her, my decision actually came naturally, almost like a side product, no forcing, no hard thinking, just attending the coaching sessions and doing my own personal reflection. I learned a lot about my choices, about the drama I managed to create, how to let go and let the decision to come to me. Thank you Diana!
Manica Hauptmann
Life Coach and yoga teacher
"With Diana I developed a goal that was so much more inspiring to me than I would have created on my own. She inspired me to think big, to step into who I really am and what I am here for."
Megan Capicchiano
Coach at Active8 and yoga teacher
Working with Diana was amazing. She helped me connect with my inner self, boosted my motivation and made me put my creativity to work. I write again, and I am so excited!
Melania Kaitor
Writer And Educator

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Diana Todorut Coaching

Kirchseeon, Munich Greater Area, Germany

+49 176 8142 3406

MO-FR 08:30 – 20:00 CET

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Ready to turn your passion into a thriving business, but held back by self-doubt? Confidence Catalyst empowers women just like you to conquer their fears, build unshakable self-confidence, and launch their dream businesses. From mindset shifts to actionable strategies, get ready to unleash your inner boss and turn your dreams into reality!

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